Recycled Glass Raindrop Wind Chime


Size: approximately 6 inches in diameter and 22 inches long

Recycled Glass Color: Blue

Hanging advice: the raindrops move with the slightest breeze, so hang in a protected spot where it’s not too gusty. If you live where it freezes, take inside during the winter.



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You won’t mind these raindrops in your garden! This lovely recycled glass raindrop wind chime is made from Bud Light Platinum beer bottles. The handing loop and canopy are fused bottle tops, and the raindrops are hand cut from flattened bottles. The raindrops hang from the canopy by torch-worked beads made from the same beer bottles. This sturdy wind chime is hand-strung with 10lb test fishing line. The overall length is approximately 22 inches. The canopy is approximately 6 inches wide. The raindrops are approximately 3 inches high.