Spiral Panel in Recycled Glass


Size: 8.5 inches square

Materials: Recycled glass bottles, lead came, zinc frame, and jack chain


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I made this spiral panel stained glass window panel using recycled wine and liquor bottles (MacMurray Pinot Noir and Bombay Sapphire Gin). This is a very time consuming process. I cut up the bottles with a tile saw, then melt them in my kiln to flatten them. The center medallion is cast in the kiln onto a custom tile that I hand carved. Next, I cut the pieces and assemble them. I then solder and cement the panel, then, finally, clean and polish it.

The panel is framed in zinc, measures approximately 8.5 inches square and comes with an attached chain for hanging. Note: this is a leaded glass panel made with lead came, not a “Tiffany” style panel made with copper foil. It is too heavy to hang with a suction cup. You must hang it from a hook screwed into your window frame.