Beer Bottle Panel in Stained Glass


Size: 12.5 inches square

Materials: Recycled beer (Bud Light Platinum, Dos Equis) and soda (IBC Cream Soda) bottles


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I made this stained glass beer bottle panel using recycled beer and soda bottles (Bud Light Platinum, Dos Equis, and IBC Root Beer). This is a very time consuming process. First you have to drink the beer! Next, I cut up the bottles with a tile saw, then melt them in my kiln to flatten them. Next, I cut the pieces and assemble them. I then solder and cement the panel, then, finally, clean and polish it.

The beer bottle panel is framed in zinc, measures approximately 12.5 inches square and comes with an attached chain for hanging. Note: this is a leaded glass panel made with lead came. It is too heavy to hang with a suction cup. You must hang it from a hook screwed into your window frame.

Don’t like this color combination? That’s okay. Unfortunately, bottle glass doesn’t come in a wide variety of colors, just blue, clear, green, and brown. (If you find a different color please let me know!) I think clear looks best for the background, but you can specify any of the above four colors that you like for the circles, diamonds and background. These pieces are made to order. Depending on your glass choices, construction could take up to a month.


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