Celtic Star Medallion


Size: about 3.25 inches in diameter

Edges: finished or unfinished

Colors: green, yellow, clear, olive,  cobalt blue

Hanging options: with hole and ribbon for hanging, or NO hole


Why not add some recycled glass to your next stained glass project? This celtic star medallion is made from a recycled wine bottle that I cast in the kiln on a mold that I made myself. Colors include champagne bottle green, yellow, clear, brown, cobalt blue, aqua blue, and olive (which is not really yellow, not really brown, and not really green).

The edges can be finished, which means they are “fire polished” in the kiln to make them smooth and shiny, or they can be unfinished, which means I have either left them they way they come out of the kiln if they are more or less circular, or I have used my glass grinder to remove any excess glass to create the final shape. Finished edges would be appropriate if you are displaying the roundel.  (You can request one with a hole and a ribbon to hang it by.) Unfinished edges are better if you are a stained glass crafter wanting to include this piece in one of your own creations.

The celtic star medallion measures approximately 3.25 inches in diameter and is about one quarter inch thick. If you are going to use this in a stained glass piece with lead came be sure to use “high heart” lead to accommodate the thickness of the glass.

Additional information

Hanging Option

No Hole, With Hole